How to prepare your home for a real estate video shoot.

Just like an actor or actress going into hair and makeup before a big shoot, your home also needs a little love for it to look stunning on camera. Here are five tips to help make your home a star for your upcoming video shoot.

  1. De-clutter your home: Remember that less is more and having a clean, stylish space will make your home look its best on camera. Remove excess toys or belongings from the floor and shelves, also remove excess appliances such as floor fans and kitchen appliances. Use the garage as a temporary storage space for all of the excess clutter.

  2. De-clutter the yard: Remove cars from the driveway. Wrap up and bring in any hoses and gardening tools and make sure the grass is cut and rake up any loose leaves. Also, bring the trashcans into the garage.

  3. Make sure all lighting fixtures work: Check for burnt-out bulbs. If your home is being filmed for a twilight shoot, pay careful attention to all exterior bulbs and make sure they are working properly.

  4. Clean and wipe down all surfaces: This includes kitchen countertops, stovetop, and bathroom sinks. Make sure all faucets are polished and clean. Also, make sure all prominent windows are washed. And remember to wipe down the mailbox and the address sign in the front of the house.

  5. Bonus tip: If your house has a fireplace, interior or exterior, or a pond or other special feature, make sure that they are in working condition, as those can add an awesome extra element to the video.

Following these five tips will help your home be a star on camera and will allow an amazing real estate video to be created. Lights, camera, action!