"I was highly recommended to Christopher by another top producing real estate agent who was always so pleased with his work. After working with Christopher the first time, I knew exactly why this other agent was so pleased with him! He immediately asked what the vision was for our video, and listened intently. After grasping exactly what we were hoping for, he kept in close touch to ensure we were all on the same page. We bounced ideas off each other, and Christopher was always receptive, and he also politely offered suggestions (which were always the right choice). Christopher didn't just deliver what we were looking for, he exceeded all expectations! Christopher's experience allows him to anticipate what would look best and truly produce a product you are proud of. I am so pleased to have been introduced to Christopher and I look forward to working with him on every video from here on out!" 

-Kara Kay, Real Estate Agent

"We hired Christopher to shoot some drone footage that would eventually become part of the live screen content for Luke Bryan's tour. He was able to capture some amazing shots of the beach and waves, despite the foggy shooting conditions on the day. He even went out of his way to film some extra content on his own time the following morning. Christopher's shots ended up being the highlight of the piece! A pleasure to work with, would definitely recommend!"

-John Bashyam | Warm and Fuzzy Director

"I have used many videographers in my career and Christopher is by far one of the best! He is extremely professional and his turnaround time is exceptional. I can always trust that Christopher will provide me with an amazing video that I can be proud of and impress my clients with." 
-Rachael Kaiser

"I am a business owner an used Helkey Media for our promo commercial video. Christopher's dedication and quality of work was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend him for any cinematography work. Thank you very much Christopher"

-Eric Martinez, The Inspectors Company

"Clever, creative, on time and on budget. Can't ask for more than that!"

-Marc Patrick Cosentino, CEO / CaseQuestions.com

"I am extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Christopher Helkey. I am a real estate sales professional who happens to be extremely particular when it comes to establishing relationships. I trust Christopher implicitly as a part of my marketing team. I never feel like I need to micromanage his video work. In fact, I just ask him if he can meet me at a property and leave the video to his imagination and time again time, it comes out perfect. Christopher's attention to detail and hard work ethic will guarantee a prosperous future for him. I work for a boutique brokerage in La Jolla and manage all of my own marketing. I feel proud to market all the video work Christopher has done for me on social media, property websites, screens at open houses or during office hours, etc. Christopher is an extremely talented individual and anyone who gets the chance to work with him should feel lucky."

-Rob Donahue

"Chris did a phenomenal job for us. He was on time, super professional, had some amazing equipment and went above and beyond. The video he shot for us came out great but more importantly he somehow made me look good on camera ;-) 
He's great at what he does! Highly recommend him!"

-Joseph Arendsen

"I have worked with Helkey Media for many years, and he comes highly recommended for shooting custom real estate video and drone packages. Selling multi million dollar property is always a challenge, but having Christopher paint a picture and lifestyle of the property through video is always a huge asset to my business. I get excited each time he sends me the final edit! Thanks Christopher for all your hard work."

-Trevor Pike

"I met Christopher on the set of my good friend's video shoot and I immediately witnessed his creative process unfolding before me.  I observed his passion, imagination and attention to detail and realized he was different than others I had worked with.  When I saw his finished video, I noticed that it was very cinematic and I wanted something similar in style for my real estate videos. 

For my latest real estate listing that was by the beach, I reached out to Christopher and asked him to incorporate aerial footage of the ocean and the coast.  He was able to capture the distinct aura of the neighborhood as well as the essence of the home.  I could not be more pleased with the way the video came out and I received numerous compliments from buyers as well as other agents; the video helped spark tremendous interest in the home.

It was a special privilege to work with Christopher; I look forward to producing many more videos with him to showcase more of my real estate listings for sale."

- Dennis, Real Estate Agent